Flower Accessories

Adorable fashion Flower Accessories that attach to your dog’s collar.  The flowers have a bottom row of 9 petals while the front row contains 6 petals and is topped with a covered button as an accent.

Large flowers are approximately five (5) inches in diameter, while Medium flowers are approximately four (4) inches in diameter.

The flower accessory attaches to your existing collar using a Velcro tail (collar not included).  

Each item is handmade meaning these sizes are approximations and may vary with each flower. There may also be slight pattern variations as each pattern is hand cut.

If you wish to have something custom made, please use the Contact Us page to let us know what you would like!

Use next > and < previous arrows to see additional pictures or slide the pictures to the left or right.


View the various fabric swatches below.  Select up to three (3) different fabric swatches – one for the bottom row of petals, one for the top row of petals and one for the button – when checking out.

To view more fabric patterns, slide fabric swatches left or right (or use next and previous arrows). Click a pattern to view larger image. Ruler shows actual size of pattern.  Note – actual color may vary due to on-screen presentation.