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Fabric collars and leashes are made using cotton fabric that is folded over twice to make it 4 layers thick and includes fusible interfacing to add stability and definition to the product.

Webbing products come in two (2) types. 

  1. The first is patterned polyester webbing is strong and durable webbing that is UV, rot, mildew and moisture resistant.  Plus, it is very soft and flexible.
  2. The second is heavy nylon webbing that has a tensile strength of 4,200 pounds on 1″ webbing, 3,000 pounds on 3/4″ webbing and 2,000 pounds on 5/8″ webbing!  
    1. You can find collars and leashes made with just plain webbing in Black, Brown, Pink and Purple.  There are many more colors that are available in webbing, just ask.
    2. Ribbon collars and leashes are available in many different colors and patterns.


Use a tape measure to get your dog’s neck size in inches or centimeters. Then see the sizing chart. Use that measurement to select the correct collar size.

At this time, we do not offer collars for cats.  Do not order a dog collar for your cat.  Because cats jump to and from objects, there is a risk with a regular collar, that your cat could get stuck and end up choking.  Breakaway collars are a must for your cat’s safety.


Jacquard is patterned, tightly woven ribbon that is made on jacquard looms.  The top image is actually the “reverse” side of the ribbon.  The bottom image is the “normal” side of the ribbon.

Grosgrain ribbon is a decorative ribbon that is available in almost endless color and pattern choices.  It has a distinctive ribbed texture appearance and is lightweight and versatile.



Standard Collars and Leashes

D-Rings – All D-Rings are heavy welded nickel plated steel.  

Buckles – All Buckles for dog collars and leashes are side release and made from strong plastic .  5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ buckles are contoured.

Triglide Slides – All Triglide Slides are made from heavy-duty plastic.

Snaphooks – Heavy metal Snap Hooks that swivel with a barrel snap style.

Yes!  We can make custom collars and leashes from different fabrics, webbing colors and ribbons.

Just use the Contact Us page to send a message with what you are looking for!


A buckle handle on a leash allows you to safely attach the leash to a post or pole.  Because the handle is adjustable, it can expand to several feet or more, allowing you to even fasten it around a small tree!

It can be very challenging to take a picture of your dog, but here are a few tips.

  1. Use natural light, if possible. Try to avoid bright sun and the use of the camera’s flash.
  2. Take lots of pictures.  You will have a better chance of getting a good shot.
  3. Use a simple or neutral background to make your dog stand out.  If your dog is black, avoid a black background or if your dog is white, avoid a white background, and so on.  Have the dog at least 12 feet away from the background so they are more in focus than the background.
  4. Go Low!  Get down on the ground if you can (or have your dog on an elevated platform, of some kind, safely, of course), so you are taking the picture from either slightly below or at the same level as their head/upper body.
  5. Have your dog practice their sit and stay (I know, sounds easier than it is).
  6. If possible, enlist the aid of an assistant to hold a treat or toy to either side of the camera.  If not, hold the treat or toy yourself and if using a smart phone, say the voice command to have your phone take the picture (Google “how to take a picture using voice control”)!
  7. If the dog has long fur or hair, keep the collar loose, for the picture, so it can show.